Workbean is the first Filipino-founded startup to join AppWorks, a Taipei-based accelerator

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AppWorks, the largest accelerator community in the Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA), accepted Workbean into their AW#21 Cohort for 2020 that consists of 25 startups in the region.


Published on September 23, 2020

by Kass Monzon

Workbean is the first Philippine-based, Filipino-founded startup that has been accepted in the AppWorks Accelerator program since 2010. The program kicked off on September 21 over Zoom with founders from different parts of the Greater Southeast Asia specializing in different industries like EdTech, Blockchain, and AI.

Workbean launched in February 2020 and has been working with the country’s hidden gem companies such as Canva, Lalamove, and Atlassian to promote their culture and transform it into a hiring advantage to attract the right talent to join their teams. In doing so, Workbean is paving the way for employer branding to take the centerstage in revolutionizing the recruitment game in the Philippines. 

As part of the accelerator program, the Workbean team will have the opportunity to learn from a vast pool of talented founders from GSEA, get access to a powerful network of investors and create meaningful partnerships. The program culminates with an opportunity to participate in a demo day in November with over 1,200 investors. 

Key Statistics from AppWorks:

  • A network of 372 startups
  • A community of 1,288 founders
  • A total of $1.34B raised 

In joining the program, Workbean aims to achieve a deeper understanding on how it can best serve the Philippine recruitment market and deliver the best employer branding tool to more HR teams while helping job seekers expand their horizons to find meaningful employment in their companies of choice.

Kass Monzon

Kass is the co-founder at Workbean. She’s a big advocate of helping people find work where they belong so she founded a startup that aims to create the largest directory of company cultures. She will never be seen without coffee and her little puppy, Orpheus.

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