What makes employees quit anyway?

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We asked, you answered. The results of the first Workbean 2020 survey is out! What triggers Filipino workers to quit their jobs?

Published on July 3, 2020
by Neil Rojas

There’s a famous saying that goes—people don’t quit their jobs, people quit their bosses. Workbean conducted a survey with over 100 respondents to find out if having a bad manager is the number one cause of resignations for Filipinos. ‘Bad bosses’ ranks extremely high but two other reasons take the top spot.

Who answered the survey?

49% of our respondents worked in Business & Finance roles that span across Marketing, Operations, Sales, Administration, and Human Resources. 42% belong in Tech roles including Software Development, Data, Product, Design, and IT. The remaining 9% are from various fields such as Medicine, Law, and Social Work. 85% of our respondents only stayed a maximum of 5 years in a job with the remaining 15% staying for at least 6 years.

71% of Tech roles transitioned to remote work because of COVID-19

Today, majority of Filipinos are working remotely because of COVID-19. This is true for our respondents as well, with 55% of them now working from home since COVID-19 happened while 20% are still office-based. Tech roles had a smoother transition to a work-from-home environment as an astounding 71% of them are working remote due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, only 50% of those working in Business & Finance work remotely.

Of the 52% who are looking for jobs, 88% of them are employed but are “secretly looking”

Surprisingly, only 6% of our respondents are looking for jobs because of unemployment (having recently graduated from university, being let go, or having resigned from their previous job). The other 46% of our respondents are currently employed but are “secretly looking.” Upon having deeper conversations with some of them, we discovered their view that COVID-19 highlighted how management treats its people citing that in this time of hardship, they are grateful for having a job but “a lack of compassion” is the primary reason why they are still looking for opportunities.

Of those who were satisfied where they are, there was a higher percentage of people from Tech (45%) who weren’t looking for opportunities than people from Business & Finance (38%).

Not everyone quits their bosses

We wanted to understand further what makes employees leave and based on the responses we got, two reasons top having a “bad boss.” The top two reasons are a higher paying job and a promise of a better future. Bosses come in at the third spot. We dug deeper into the data and discovered that for those in Business & Finance, the famous adage holds true—people do quit their bosses (44%) which is then only followed by the promise of a better future (33%) and getting more money elsewhere (31%). Interestingly, only 20% of Tech talents quit because of their bosses. Aside from the potential of a higher pay, Tech talents’ top reasons for quitting their jobs is due to being too stressed at work (39%) and if they can get more money elsewhere (39%). Though this question was meant to determine why employees quit, we realize that this also sheds light on what can make employees stay. Companies can’t always offer more money to prevent their employees from leaving but the top three things that we can take away from this are for employers to: 1) Have a clear path for career advancement, 2) Train leaders and middle managers on managing Millennials and Gen Zs, 3) Promote a culture that provides employees with support, inclusion, and understanding.

People want to see that companies care for their people

We asked people to choose their top 4 things that they look for in their next employer and five things stood out: 1) Career advancement, 2) Companies who care for their people, 3) High pay, 4) Work-life Balance, and 5) Good Leadership.

However, when we asked them again about what their highest priority is, “High pay” topped the list with 27%. Closely following this is “Companies who care for their people.” For Tech professionals, 37% of them chose high pay as their top priority while only 21% of Business & Finance professionals chose high pay. On the other hand, 33% of Business & Finance professionals chose “Companies who care for their people” as their top priority while only 15% of Tech professionals prioritize this.  

Closing Thoughts:

As with any survey, the answers of our respondents do not reflect the sentiments of the entire population of professionals in the Philippines. However, given these results, it is interesting to note the following distinctions between the Tech professionals and Business & Finance professionals who answered our survey:

  • More Tech roles (71%) transitioned to remote work after COVID-19 than Business & Finance roles (50%).
  • More Tech professionals (45%) are satisfied and are willing to commit long-term to their current employers than Business & Finance professionals (38%).
  • Those who work in Business & Finance are more likely to quit their jobs (44%) because of their bosses than those who work in Tech (20%). Those who work in Tech quit their jobs because of becoming too stressed at work (39%) and the chance of a higher pay (39%).
  • When it comes to the topmost priority in looking for their next employer, “High pay” gets the most votes for Tech professionals (37%) while for Business & Finance professionals, “Companies who care for their people” get the most votes (33%).

Neil Rojas

Neil is the co-founder at Workbean. He is a certified Employer Brand Leader from the Employer Branding College, Australia. He is fascinated with extracting talent data to help companies understand their people better. He will always be seen with a book or two in his backpack.

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