Of course you can take a vacation! Here’s how.

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Don’t even feel guilty about taking time off even when you’ve been working from home and have nowhere to go. There are still many things left to do to enjoy a vacation while sheltered in place.


Published on August 20, 2020

by Kass Monzon

You’ve probably baked your banana cake to perfection. You’ve organized and re-organized your home that it might even leave Marie Kondo speechless. You’ve finally caught the quarantine planting bug. Now, it seems like there’s nothing left to do anymore. 

A couple of regular non-working holidays are coming up and you’re probably thinking, “It doesn’t make a difference since I’m just going to be at home,” or “What’s the point? There’s nowhere to go!” 

While it’s true that most people fear for their job security because their boss might think that if there’s nowhere to go, there’s no point in taking a break; taking a vacation spurs creativity and makes you even more productive. Taking even just a day off from work can have real benefits to your mental health and the only way to recharge, physiologically speaking, is to take a break. 

Coming back to work refreshed makes you an even more valuable asset to the team. Your boss might actually thank you for it. So here are some ideas for you to enjoy the upcoming holidays:

Soak in some Vitamin D

While it may take a while before most of us can take our much-needed dose of Vitamin Sea, take some time to go out and just get some fresh air and let the sunshine in. Rid yourself of all the negative effects of blue light coming from your laptop after countless hours of videoconferencing and start reaping the benefits of soaking up some sunshine. Take a longer walk, bring your pet along, and use the time to clear your mind from stress. 

Have a nice meal

Whether it’s by ordering take-out food from your favorite joint or by dining in to your favorite fancy restaurant (as long as you follow the social distancing rule), you deserve to satisfy your cravings. Dining in with social distancing in place is an experience in itself so it’s time to take your Zomato Gold privileges out for a spin! 

Play a game or two

Remember when breakout rooms meant literally solving puzzles to escape a room and not team breakouts done through Zoom? If you’re the type who enjoys going to escape rooms, you’re in luck because you can stretch your mental muscles once again and solve puzzles virtually! If you prefer to dig your fingers into a controller, why don’t you check out the hottest games that came out recently like The Last of Us Part II or The Ghost of Tsushima and be transported to a different world? 

Do Nothing

The Italians know it best and they even call it “La Dolce Far Niente,” which means “the sweetness of doing nothing.” In a world where being busy is glorified and utterly mistaken for productivity, doing nothing can seem counterproductive and pointless. Fact is, doing nothing allows your subconscious to expand that ultimately leads to productivity. Release any judgment you have about being self-indulgent and start thinking about it as an act of self-care. Sip your coffee, have brunch (without taking a thousand photos of your meal), observe people, take a nap. Do it for yourself.

Ride a bike

Cycling became an overnight sensation when public transportation was suspended. More and more people are ditching their metro cards and sticking to riding their bikes to work because of the obvious benefits both physically and logistically. Ride your way to exploring nearby attractions and experience your city in a different way and you would have hacked a staycation! Try running your usual errands on a bike and you’ll soon discover that you can actually start saving on Grab fares. You won’t regret it. 

Kass Monzon

Kass is the co-founder at Workbean. She’s a big advocate of helping people find work where they belong so she founded a startup that aims to create the largest directory of company cultures. She will never be seen without coffee and her little puppy, Orpheus. 

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