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Four wheels out, two-wheels in! 🚴🏼‍♀️


Published on June 11, 2020
by Louie Yao

Photo from Workbean

BIKING IS THE NEW NORMAL. Bicycles are the new tissue papers indeed. One of the biggest shifts since COVID crawled into our country is the growing reliance on cycling. In less than a month since the quarantine started, more than 500 bicycles were sold in Metro Manila alone. Bicycles sold like toilet paper since the quarantine was lifted and the bicycle shop row in Quiapo has never been busier. 

To help our community, we want to ask for your help in sharing companies that are bike-friendly (e-scooter’s are fine too!). Your company is bike-friendly if it meets any or all of the following:

  • Dedicated bike parking (indoor or outdoor)
  • Storage rooms for bikes 
  • Shower facilities
  • Bike-friendly office space (see actual photo above)
  • Spandex are welcome in the office (without getting side-eyed by your colleagues of course 😉)

For starters, you can check out some of Workbean’s partner employers that have bike-friendly facilities:

Editor’s note: This list will be constantly updated every 2 to 3 days to remain relevant. If you know any companies that have these perks and is not yet listed here, please contribute to the list here:

Louie Yao

Louie is the content and media manager at Workbean. She’s the voice behind Workbean’s social media presence. On most days, you will find her sipping iced latte and making kimchi jjigae. 

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