Philippines Office


Company Rating


Average Age


Female : Male
Competitive salary, plus equity options


Flexible working hours


In-house chefs


Fitness membership allowance


Generous parental leave policy


Sponsored social clubs and team events


Fun and quirky celebrations


HMO from Day 1


In-house coach


Well-stocked pantry


Conference Rooms


In-house Barista




PWD Ramp


PWD Restroom


Al fresco dining


Chill Lounge/Sofa


 Reception Area


Social/Community Spaces


Fast, reliable Wi-Fi


Accessible Food Options

Coffee shops/Starbucks


Convenience store


Fast food chain / Casual Dining



Parking lot


Bus station


Jeepney station


MRT station






Leadership Team

Yani Hornilla

Yani Hornilla

Country Manager

My mission is to make Canva Manila the best place to work by creating a safe, inclusive, and empowering workplace, and to empower Filipinos to create beautiful designs and communicate effectively and freely – using Canva.
Vanson So

Vanson So

Head of HR

Maisie Littaua

Maisie Littaua

Head of Growth

Joe Abellon

Joe Abellon

Head of Customer Happiness

Angelo Cuyegkeng

Angelo Cuyegkeng

Head of Design, Manila

Mae del Mundo

Mae del Mundo

Head of Talent Acquisition, Manila

Chard Yabut

Chard Yabut

Facilities Lead

By itself, working at Canva The agility and speed at which we move things also means we get to see the impact of the work that we do sooner and faster. I was able to do a lot in such a short span of time because my mentor was there to guide me all the way, providing me with enough guidance, context and motivation every step of the way!
Patrick Bellora

Learning Specialist