Meet the people who are helping shape the future of ZEN

Hotel Finance Manager

Elizabeth Anne Margulies

3:06 Minute Video

Meet Betty, ZenRooms’ Hotel Finance Manager. Find out what her ZEN story is on how she bounced back from her personal challenges to come back stronger and even more determined to be her best self to help Zen Rooms become better than ever!

Revenue Management Analyst

Daniel John Edge

1:13 Minute Video

Meet Daniel, Zen Rooms’ Revenue Pricing Analyst. Find out what he does (and how he cleverly controls our hotel room prices) and why he chose Zen Rooms as his first job!



I started working here at ZEN Rooms last July 16, 2017 as a Customer Service Associate. I was answering inquiries through emails, phone calls, and chats. After two and a half months,  Albina, our COO, promoted me as a supervisor. Then in a few months, I was promoted again as a manager and I was the one heading ZEN’s customer service team in Manila. After a couple of years working under a new customer service department, I was tasked to work under special projects which is my current role. The reason why I like my role right now because it is responsible for helping other departments to improve their efficiencies and processes and that is something that I like doing because I believe that in a company there should be someone who is willing to fix problems as a whole.

Maam Gerdeus R. Esteban

Customer Operations Manager

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