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Data Analytics – OIC

FM Ycasiano

2:39 Minute Watch

Meet FM, Head of Data at QuadX. Find out more about how QuadX uses data to bring the best services to both buyers and sellers in such a young e-commerce industry in the country! Bonus: He talks about what he looks for in candidates.

Operations Director

Patricia Jacinto

3:54 Minute Watch

Meet Pat, Director of Operations at QuadX. Pat breaks the myth that being in operations is boring. Learn more about how Operations in QuadX makes a difference in your e-commerce purchases and find out what kind of people they need in their team (hint: there may or may not be a curse word somewhere in there)

Lead Scrum Master

Lhiza Escanan

1:15 Minute Watch

Meet Lhiza, Agile Coach at QuadX. QuadX’s engineers are more than meets the eye. Take it from their agile coach who talks about the unique capabilities that make them such a strong team to be a part of!


QuadX has the best collaborative family working environment.
In QuadX everyone share thesame vision and mission.
Everyday in QuadX is facing challenge, changing and always evolving. Everyday is different and surely an adventure.

Jett Marana

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