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We are dedicated to fulfilling every Filipino’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur. QuadX has a steadfast focus to create products and services that make it easier for every Filipino to go into business or continuously grow it.


“Building Futurepreneurs”



We are bold thinkers and doers.
We focus on outcome over process.
We have a bias for action towards greatest impact.
We always keep our customers’ best interest at heart.


We fall fast and forward.
We build on each other’s ideas.
We shake up the status quo.
We are relentless about our mission.


We make sure the best ideas win, regardless of who or where it is from.
We decide based on facts, not on our own opinion.
We care about contributions, not positions.
We acknowledge that the right answer may come from anyone.


We treat each other with respect.
We collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
We celebrate, not just tolerate, our differences.
We go out our way to help an Xer.


We laugh, learn and keep it real.
We champion work-life integration.
We encourage people to bring their whole self to work.
We don’t just invite people to the party, we encourage them to hit the dancefloor.


Your Shortest Distance Between Wanting And Having

The fastest growing cross-border delivery service from the U.S. to the Philippines. Enjoy international shopping from any US-based online store, and have it delivered to your ShippingCart address and shipped directly to your doorstep.

Your Online Payment and Delivery Buddy

GoGo Xpress is an online delivery and payment platform designed for social sellers and buyers, to help make the internet a friendlier and safer place to buy and sell.

Logistics, Digitized

An online fulfilment platform that enables sellers to move their goods from the comfort of their homes or businesses.  As the brand moves towards digitizing logistics, XPOST aims to provide breakthrough technologies that will change traditional logistics as we know it.


QuadX is driven to make ecommerce and business building as simple as clicking a trackpad. To make shopping less about lines and more about enjoying. To take the anxiety out of payment and delivery and make the world both marketplace and playground. We reinvent experiences and open new doors. And we invest in the data and technology to power that vision. Here at QuadX, we’re exposing casual sellers to bigger audiences. We’re giving tools for the Social Seller to transform her hobby into a business, his passion into enterprise. We’re giving every Filipino a chance to seize a share of the future. We are QuadX. And we’re in the business of building Futurepreneurs.

QuadX has been my second home for the past years. I like how the company helps each individual to be the person they want to be by giving them the chance to lead, to think, to create and build ideas on their own. They help us understand things that we need to know to be able to lead a group and achieve our goals.
The best part I like about working in X is the people. The people around me inspires and motivates me to become a better version of myself everyday. I learned a lot from just being around them. And I will be forever grateful for the opportunity in working and knowing these people.
EJ Escalante

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