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Marketing and Partnerships Lead

Riana Chua

1:23 Minute Watch

Meet Riana, Lifetrack’s Marketing Lead. Listen to her share what a marketing lead does in a med-tech startup and discover an exciting new way of making radiology fun again. She also describes their ideal candidate and you just might be the one!

Creative Specialist

Lorenzo Albano

1 Minute Watch

Meet Lorenzo, Lifetrack’s Creative Specialist. He talks about what he loves about Lifetrack’s people and culture and gives some advice to aspiring Lifetrackees!

Head of Development Operations

Chase Furlong

1:37 Minute Watch

Meet Chase, Lifetrack’s Head of Development Operations. Find out his journey from being an intern to becoming an operations head. He also talks about why he joined a medical tech startup as a young talent.


Lifetrack has exposed me to multiple diverse cultures, making me learn and challenge the best practices all over the world

Jerome T. Zapata

People and Talent Lead

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