Governance Manager

Ira Zamudio

2:08 Minute Video

Meet Ira, Goverance Manager from First Circle. Watch her video to learn more about her transition from the government to a startup. She gives great insights about her choice to stay in First Circle.

Data Analyst

Nigel Rimando

1:55 Minute Video

Meet Nigel, Data Analyst from First Circle. Find out how they use data to make the most crucial decisions in First Circle and discover what makes him excited to go to work everyday (hint: you will learn a lot!)

Key Accounts Manager

Angelique Vergara

1:43 Minute Video

Meet Angelique, Relationship Manager from First Circle. Find out more about First Circle’s best benefits and get some tips on what type of candidates they look for!

Brand Marketing and Communications Lead

Christian Nacorda

1 Minute Video

Meet Chris, First Circle’s Brand Marketing and Communications Lead. He talks about how marketing operates in alignment with First Circle’s values. He also shares what they look for in talent to make sure you thrive and excel when you join their rockstar team!

Account Manager

Thomas Brenner

1:13 Minute Video

Meet Thomas, a First Circle Account Manager. Find out more about the learning opportunities in First Circle as he talks about why he chose this company as his first job after college and why he’s here to stay.


“First Circle has changed the paradigm on how I see the business atmosphere in the country. As I work with more business owners, I can’t help but continue to take on the challenge to pave the way for more financial inclusion in the country because I know that I am part of an organization which can do so.”

Rochelle Triguero

Sales Team Leader

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