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First Circle’s mission is to enable businesses to achieve their full potential through fast, fair, and flexible financial partnership.


At First Circle, we are proud of our international culture with over 10 nationalities working together – each motivated by the company’s purpose. Our investors have previously supported world-leading technology companies, like Uber and PayPal; and our Advisors sit on the Board of the biggest FinTech companies around the world. As we are looking forward to the future with financial optimism, we gear toward partnering and empowering more and more SMEs in the Philippines – and soon the rest of Southeast Asia. Trusted by the Philippine government, First Circle is a finance partner of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). We are also one of the first FinTech companies to be licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines.

“First Circle is admirable because of its openness to challenge its employees to be at their best by exposing them to inter-departmental and team work, and to work in an environment that enables them to pursue their career trajectory.”

Daph Bajas

Account Manager

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