Key Accounts Manager

Gerald Gonzalez

2:02 Minute Watch

Meet Gerald, Key Accounts Manager from Ever Bilena! Watch as he talks about how Ever Bilena invests in the personal and professional development of their over 1,500 employees. Find out what it takes to become a Key Account Manager here, too!

Brand Manager

Ruth Creole David

3:01 Minute Watch

Meet Creole, Ever Bilena’s Brand Manager. Find out what the culture is like at Ever Bilena that made her stay for over five years now.

Beauty Consultants

2:30 Minute Watch

Meet Ever Bilena’s Beauty Consultants, Rose and Michaela. Find out why Rose stayed in Ever Bilena for 10 years and why she would recommend it to aspiring candidates out there who are looking for stability and work satisfaction. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, find out what made Michaela love her new job at Ever Bilena.

Trade Marketing Specialist

Edlyn Saturay

2:41 Minute Watch

Meet Edlyn, Trade Marketing Specialist of Ever Bilena. Find out her Ever Bilena journey from a beauty consultant to her current role and learn what makes her excited to come to work every day. Listen to her encouraging words and be inspired to join your new work family.


At Ever Bilena, it’s exciting how we are challenged every day. Whether it’s a higher sales target, or creating a new campaign, I am pushed to my limits to think outside the box and reach my full potential. Developing new products specifically excites me. From research, to choosing a color, packaging, and seeing the actual product in actual is just pure happiness and excitement. Open-mindedness of the management for the brands to explore new products that may be a bit risky is something I appreciate too.

Miya Inomata

Brand Manager, Careline Cosmetics

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