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To bring beauty to every Filipino home by: Providing the right products with the right price to the right customers at the right time. Making every customer’s experience a delight. Widening coverage and ensuring availability in all distribution channels. Maintaining and expanding our consumer brand franchise. Continuously improving operations, systems, and people competencies …while ensuring profitability.


We are Ever Bilena. We will be the #1 cosmetics company, bringing beauty for every Filipino home, here and abroad. Sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo, sa bawat tahanan, may Ever Bilena.




Faith in a Supreme Being wherein values are benchmarked against Godliness and fired up with the conviction that there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.


“Katapatan o Karangalan”

Commitment to Godly morals which earns trust and honor.



A focused drive to maximize the use of God’s resources which augurs a strong sense of discipline, persistence, boldness and creativity.



A sense of oneness with God which gives birth to Compassion, Teamwork, Humility, Selflessness and which inspires the conscious striving for balance amongst work, family, social responsibilities and spirituality.



Giving proper consideration and due regard to the personhood, contributions, aspirations of people and organizations we engage with as God’s creations, regardless of status, level and age.


Now on its 35th year in the Philippines, Ever Bilena is all about celebrating what a Pinay wants in life. She is focused on how to improve herself and be successful in all aspects of her life. Ever Bilena is always there to help the Filipina women who wants to upgrade their makeup lifestyle without breaking he bank. Our products FDA approved and are 100% cruelty free and paraben free.

At Ever Bilena, we work together as Family and follow levels of hierarchy, show Respect and treat each other equally at the same time. The working environment is relaxed and we savor the work life balance in spite of pressure and hardships.


Ailyn Beltran

Sales Admin Supervisor

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