Business Development and Partnerships Manager

Virgil Banta

1:21 Minute Watch

Virgil talks about how his team helps strengthen CIMB’s relationships within the country and describes what you can expect on your first day!

Marketing Manager

Patty Lim

1:22 Minute Watch

Meet Patty, CIMB Banks’s Marketing Manager. Discover what their team does to make CIMB Bank the number one digital bank in the country, and find out what it takes to join their team whether you have banking experience or not!

Product Manager

Vit del Rosario

1:33 Minute Watch

Meet Vit, CIMB Bank’s Product Manager. Get to know the people behind the amazing all-digital banking experience from CIMB and find out what makes CIMB’s product team the best in the country!


The thing I appreciate most working at CIMB is getting the opportunity to be surrounded with pleasant, talented and diverse group of individuals ; all of which are very passionate and determined on our goals and what we want to achieve as a bank. My leaders here nurtured me and have given me numerous opportunities that aided my professional growth. I couldn’t have started my career elsewhere.

Enrico Luna

Products Officer

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