LGBT and Common Law Unions HMO Coverage from Day 1

Highly Competitive Salary

Non-Taxable Allowances

Up to 70 y/o Dependent Coverage

Personal Rejuvenation Leaves

Convertible Sick Leaves

Accident, Life and Total Disability Insurance of 24x Monthly Base Salary

Training Opportunities Abroad

Sponsored Convention & Seminars

Birthday Leave

Free Coffee



Conference rooms

Coffee Machine

Recharge Room

Beanbag Ideation Areas

The Game Hub

The People Hub

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi

Karaoke Room


Coffee Shops / Starbucks

Convenience Store

Fast food chain 
Casual Dining


Parking lot

Bus station



Disruptors and Innovators

Vijay Manoharan

Vijay Manoharan

Chief Executive Officer

Ice Mangcoy

Ice Mangcoy

Head of HR and Corporate Services

Lee Esguerra

Lee Esguerra

Head of Marketing

Aisha Munaf

Aisha Munaf

Head of Digital Channels

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

Head of Products

Bryle Villanueva

Bryle Villanueva

HRBP Experience and Branding

Kristal Gazmen

Kristal Gazmen

Head of Decision Management

Steven Rosen

Steven Rosen

Chief Technology Officer

Here at CIMB made me change my outlook that work and play can co-exist. It’s not just a workplace, it’s a fun place where creative and innovative minds gather and treat each other like family. With an open culture and collaboration amongst my peers, it makes work less challenging. I am fortunate I have a leader I can look up to who put customers first. I think that’s important while we are striving to change the way Filipinos do their banking through digital transformation. We still have a lot of room for growth but that’s the beauty of it, we will grow together.
Chinna Estonina

Senior Project Manager

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