Angelo Cuyegkeng, Anton Ramo, Rian Bautista, Che Bantayan

2:31 Minute Watch

Meet Canva’s Design Team who creates over 70,000 templates that we enjoy for all our school projects, event invites, company collaterals, and more! These talented people are the geniuses behind the designs we have come to love. Meet your future teammates, perhaps?

Customer Support

Joe Abellon, MG Naanod, Edison Tan

3:13 Minute Watch

Meet the amazing people behind Canva’s Customer Success group. Learn about what makes them excited to come to work every day and find out their Canva Story and get inspired to become one of them.


Maisie Littaua, Marlo Lucio, Nyna Mapusao

2:11 Minute Watch

Meet Canva PH’s Growth Team, the group that is responsible for making Canva the most lovable brand in the world. Listen to their stories from exciting work to career growth, and you just might end up wanting to be part of their lovable team!


Canva is different from all the companies I have worked with. I really like that they find great value when employees provide feedback and ideas on how we can further improve our processes. They also keep us engaged and motivated by presenting growth opportunities within and outside the team. We are equipped with trainings and workshops to develop the skills that we have. We are continuously growing and improving as a company and it’s amazing to be part of that growth!

Jem Mondonedo

Support Lead

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