Senior Accountant

 Rizmen Ali

2:13 Minute Watch

Meet Rizmen, Senior Accountant from Atlassian. Watch her as she talks about how Atlassian respects her religion and culture.

Admin Assistant

Krishna Esmeralda

59 Second Watch

Meet Krish, Admin Assistant from Atlassian. Watch her as she talks about why she loves working at Atlassian and you might like working there, too!

Workplace Experience Events Specialist

Cath Wu

1:10 Minute Watch

Meet Cath, Experience Events Specialist from Atlassian. Find out what she and her team do to make the employees in their company feel more productive while championing the unique culture of Atlassian.


I love Atlassian’s core values because you can live with it naturally and becomes part of your DNA.

Belle Matutina

System Administrator

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